What We've Done

The Hicks Group Patients Forum

(Covering the Charles Hicks and Roman Gate Surgeries)

Huntingdon & Godmanchester

Cambridgeshire, UK

What we have raised

Adjustable couch both surgeries

Donation to First Responders received by   Mr Neil Mackie, Chairman     

Bariatric Chair

Repeat prescription and

  Suggestion Boxes

14 We have made a donation of £70 to the Woodlands Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital

1. We have created a Practice book shop on both sites to serve patients and raise funds

2 .We have raised donations to buy two portable defibrillators for use on those suffering heart attacks.

3 .We have paid for the baby changing equipment at both sites.

4 .We have co-funded the purchase of new chairs for the waiting area in Charles Hicks..

5 .We are working with the Practice to develop a more patient-friendly pre-bookable appointment system. ​

6 .We have raised £500 to co-fund local volunteer First Responders in Huntingdon and Godmanchester.

7 .We have conducted patient surveys and collected feedback from the "Friends and Family" test.

8 .We have arranged for leaflets and suggestion boxes to be available in both surgeries.

9. We have funded the purchase of two Blood Pressure Monitoring Machines. The first being in 2014 for use at the Charles Hicks Medical Centre and the second in February 2017 for use at Roman Gate Surgery.

10. We have paid for two examination couches that can be raised and lowered.

11. We have paid for two bariatric chairs for the benefit of larger people

12. We have funded two adjustable stools for use with the B/P machines

13 We have funded new window boxes for Roman Gate Surgery

Baby Changing Facility

Washable Chairs


Blood pressure monitor

Adjustable stool

Window Boxes

Roman Gate Surgery